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Why Choose Us?


When searching for a garden room the life span of the build should be a focal point on the list of things you are searching for. For this reason we have focused heavily on sourcing materials that not only look aesthetically appealing they will also stand the test of time. 


The TGR experience is all about incorporating your personal preferences into our designs, to create a project that is tailored to YOU and your needs! 


Our rooms as well as a asset to your home can have a major impact on improving your  lifestyle. They are extremely efficient and designed to be used comfortably 365 days a year! 


We’re in this together! as well as creating beautiful spaces we believe in first gaining a good relationship with our customers! You may know exactly what you want for your room (size, style and material selections) and this is great for us! But that isn’t always the case and that’s completely fine too! This is our time to shine we are here to help if you are lacking inspiration we will float some ideas, discuss materials and create a few designs that may best suit your garden and eventually together create we will create a room that suits you that you are proud of!  

If you fill in the form below one of our team will be in touch with you as soon as possible!