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Material Selections

As expressed before we are not affiliated with any company and therefore have no bias when selecting products we simply use what we have previously found works and achieves a great finish.


IMPORTANT NOTICE – These product aren’t compulsory! due to our flexibility should you find a product elsewhere that you like the look of, have used before or better suits your property we have previously and will continue to incorporated that into our design should you wish. 


natural wood finished

When choosing a natural wood finish you gain the flexibility of choosing a variety of board types including; type of profiles e.g(secret fix, shadow gap) and board width. These can largely influence the effect you achieve.

western red canadian cedar

This option is extremely premium, popular and widely used across the garden room sector and for good reason! It looks great! Western Red Canadian Cedar is attractive, sustainable and has exceptional performance. Slow grown in The Pacific North West of Canada and sourced from leading sawmills.


The material is naturally beautiful but does require some maintenance if you want to keep that newly installed look If left untreated it will loose its natural reddish tones and start a slivering process where the board will eventually be more of a grey/silver colour. 


The board comes in Widths of : 43mm, 93mm, 118mm or 143mm


The smaller width board you use the more variation of colour you are able to achieve. That being said the boards cost more £pm2 and take longer to install increasing labour charges  

Siberian LArch

Siberian larch is a great more cost effective solution than the cedar cladding if you have chosen to go for a natural wood finish. It is sourced from old-growth, slow grown logs, plentiful in the vast forest region of Northern Europe. This cold, harsh climate gives Siberian Larch some fantastic natural attributes, making it a popular choice on many building projects.


The Siberian larch is prone to a lot more knots within the material as a posed to the cedar. It also doesn’t boast the reddish tones of the Canadian cedar.


The board comes in Widths of: 43mm, 93mm, 118mm or 143mm

western red canadian cedar

siberian larch



  • Low Maintenance
  • Hidden fixing system
  • UV Stable
  • 25 Year Manufacturers warranty 

This synthetic cladding looks completely natural without any of the draw backs of 100% timber cladding products. This innovative colour stable board will not grey with weathering and keeps its vibrant colour year on year making it ideal for hard to maintain applications such as high rise apartments and full building coverings.


• Midnight • Argent • Flint • Silver Birch • Spiced Oak • Havana



  • Low Maintenance
  • Hidden fixing system
  • UV Stable
  • 25 Year Manufacturers warranty 

This is a product we are yet to install but are using on an upcoming project. We have seen it in the flesh and it look fantastic. The range looks as impressive as natural wood cladding with no need to paint, stain or oil.


• Midnight   • Spiced Oak    • Silver Birch

composite decking boards

Composite decking Anti slip - Entry level

  • High Slip Resistance

  • Easy to Install hidden fixing system

  • Low Maintenance

  • 20 Year Manufacturers Guarantee

  • 5 Colours Available

This decking is a beautiful low maintenance alternative to timber with no need to paint, stain or seal. This 95% recycled board brings all of the benefits of a synthetic product without any of the nasty plastic associated drawbacks. The unique contemporary grooved finish generates clean lines and is the perfect accompaniment to any outdoor project.

The purposefully designed surface texture of the boards generate an exceptional anti-slip rating making it an ideal surface for those with a safety conscious mind. This is available in 5 colours and has a reversible finish This allows customers to mix the two sides to create a decking area truly unique. This product is our entry level specification.


• Charcoal    • Ash    • Graphite    • Autumn    • Walnut 

composite decking boards

Composite decking wood grain - High end

  • Scratch and Stain Resistant
  • UV Stable
  • Easy to Install hidden fixing system
  • 25 Year Manufacturers Guarantee
  • Low Maintenance
  • 6 Colours Available

Made up of 55% reclaimed wood fibres and 45% recycled plastic. Advanced co-extrusion technology which generates an externally durable outer layer,  so the board has a dual surface finish with a wood grain on one side and wide groove pattern on the reverse. The process mixes the board colours uniquely resulting in no two boards being the same. This unique process creates boards mimicking beautiful non-uniformity of natural timber.


• Midnight    • Argent    • Flint    • Silver Birch    • Spiced oak   • Havana 


Our policy on flooring is that you shouldn’t be restricted by a select few when we are creating a bespoke room. That is why we allow you to source your own flooring that we will provide up to a certain £pm2 within your quote. We understand that some rooms require different floor solutions so give you the opportunity to find one suited to you.That being said if you would like some inspiration or guides we do have a selection of floors we have used before that come with a good manufacturers warranty and provided a great finish that we can provide should you wish. 


All our windows and doors are completed in Aluminium to achieve a premium finish to any build. Not only do they look great they perform better! The higher quality build up of the aluminium accompanied with the higher end mechanisms allow for better movement of the doors and windows. 


We work close with window and door manufacturers and they are able to create any bespoke size and opening required on both doors and windows. 


As a standard we offer 3 colours: 


Anthracite, Black and White


We are able to have the doors completed in any RAL colour at a cost this gives you a choice of 100s of colours! If you really want to make a statement! 


The beauty of the Aluminium is that whichever colour you choose we are able to gain an exact colour match with the RAL codes. Meaning you could also have the canopy, corners and window trims all in the same colour. 

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