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About Us

Welcome to Tailored Garden Rooms

A luxury garden room company, where quality of work and customer satisfaction are of paramount importance. 


We specialise in helping clients increase the value, convenience and beauty of their homes by creating outstanding outdoor spaces. We create bespoke designs by combining our trade knowledge and your own personal preferences. Our ultimate goal is to ensure we create your dream garden room.

Our rooms are so much more than extra space and are often the catalyst to a positive change in your life.

We have focused extensively on sourcing all the best materials available on the market to ensure your investment with us is something to be truly proud of and can be enjoyed for a very long time. 


We love what we do and take pride in all aspects of our work. We provide a service that ensures your project is a enjoyable one! Our design and building process has been crafted over time to ensure you have a pleasant and enjoyable experience. 


We have a fantastic competent team who each complete their own aspects of the job. This is extremely important to us as we strongly believe skilled tradesmen specialise in their trade for a reason and achieve the highest quality finish.  

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